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How To Light A Modern Bedroom?

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How To Light A Modern Bedroom

How To Light A Modern Bedroom?

A bedroom with adequate lights is a must requirement and to illuminate a room properly need a perfect plan. The lighting plan of a room is as important as the other things like décor, color scheme and furnishing are. While designing a lighting plan of a room it is very important to consider all the parameters like size, color, furniture, décor etc of the room.

A bedroom can be best lighted up if its lighting system is planned in layers. The most efficient lighting plan blends three basic types of lights (ambient lighting, accent lighting, and task lighting) to meet all the lighting needs of the room.

While building the layers of light, more stress should be laid on creating a soothing and tranquil atmosphere in the bedroom, after all, it is the place where you relax. This could be done with by using the soft and flattering ambient light all over the room. However, the intensity of ambient light should be brighter at the required places.

The size and the ceiling height of a room is an important parameter while choosing the size and the kind of the light fixtures for the bedroom. Take proper measurement of your room and figure out the best lighting design for your room. You need to figure out if you prefer a traditional look or a modern touch or the blend of both. The light fixtures are available in a huge variety, sizes, and prices easily in the market.

It’s usually recommended that you should incorporate the number of lights of lower wattage on contrary to installing a single bright fixture. Use the adjustable switches for the ambient lights to adjust the light as per your mood. You can adjust the lighting of the room as per any occasion. Also, you can make use of softer bulbs to keep your bedroom light from being unpleasantly glaring.

You can use the table lamps for overhead lighting during your bedtime reading session or else if you want to keep the space open for books, you can opt for hanging lights or inbuilt wall lights with swing arms. Besides this, the other areas of the room like reading the section, bathroom section, dressing area and closets should also be well lit. To highlight the artwork and photographs of the room you can use the accent lighting. Accent lights enhance the beauty of the artwork of the room and make it’s noticeable.

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