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DIY Home Decor Ideas for Summer Season

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Diy Home Decor Ideas for Summer

DIY Home Decor Ideas for Summer Season

Summer’s already here and while we’re changing lifestyle why don’t home decor?

Let’s start with some refreshing home decor ideas to refresh your home and make it summer ready-

  1. Bandanna Bunting (no sew)

Bandannas are evergreen, never out of fashion and give a traditional look to your home. So give your porch a printed decor To make, cut a piece of jute cord to the desired length of the banner, you’ll need to leave a foot at each end for hanging, Ironed bandanna and fold in half and cut out a triangle. It should make a diamond shape when folded. Stick along the edge of each diamond with glue (Prefer hot glue). Fold fabric over jute and now presses down to bind until all cords cover & repeat steps.

Bandanna Bunting

  1. Flower Plates

Flowers always give a fresh feeling to home whether they are in the garden, backyard or vase then why do not plates, to make DIY Flower plates:

All we need is:

  • Porcelain plates: White
  • Paintbrush: Medium
  • Paint Brush: Thin
  • Variety of colors: ceramic ware paint agent
  • porcelain paint thinner
  • paint plates

Now Mix paint

Fill the paint palette with the ceramic ware paint agent. Combine ceramic ware paint of every color into the paint agent.

Tip: You need the paint to be the consistency of pancake batter 😉

Paint Largest Flowers initially

Start together with your largest flower. Use identical color, paint many around your plate and equilibrate the sting. Keep your brush loose and organic.

Time to add the second color

Move onto the following color. These lilacs were created by grouping along very little dots of any paint.

Now fill with smaller Flowers

Add some accent flowers. Place some in teams, and a few by themselves. Don’t forget the sides of the plate.

Now petals addition

Use your lightest color to fill the holes with starburst petals. Pull the paint from the middle of the flower outward to form a sweeping impact.

Now leaves addition

With the little brush, fill all told the holes with leaves and stems.

Bake and Dry

Let the paint dry for twenty-four hours then bake for a half-hour at four hundred degrees. Now you plates area unit is currently food and dishwasher safe.

Enjoy other experiments

Try different kinds of flowers on every plate. Use an equivalent color, however, totally different styles, create your plates appear as if an identical set even if they’re all totally different.

  1. Whiskey/Beer bottle lamps

Every home incorporates an assortment of Beer/Whisky bottles however rather than throwing them away use as space ornamental peace. Simply clean all the bottles from outside, fill with colored light-emitting diode string lightweight and see the magic.

  1. Jar!!!! Candleholder?

Why not! We tend to all have empty pickle jars in the kitchen. Simply clean them to urge aloof from the smell (obviously), dry them and fill with sweet-smelling candles, so easy! If you would like, will enhance jars with glitters and stickers or fill them with beans. Currently, you can place those lovely candles anyplace you would like and create them a trendy embellishment for your home

  1. Use recycled can as a cutlery holder

Use recycled cans to form a cutlery holder which will be used for indoor and outdoor entertaining. You’ll be able to use six cans for cutlery or seven cans if you wish to feature a table napkin holder at one finish, items of leather recycled from associate previous purse function a handle and labels for the cans.


All you need:

6 clean, dry cans

Enamel paint – In your alternative of color

150 x 250mm: Block of pine

80-grit sandpaper / Dremel Multi-Tool and grinding stone

Wire nail and hammer / or drill/driver and 2mm HSS bit

16mm screws and screw cups


Note:  You can find all the tools and materials required for this project at your native hardware shop.


  1. Use 80-grit sandpaper or a Dremel Multi-Tool and grinding stone to get rid of any sharp burrs around the cut fringe of the will.


  1. Paint the cans and block of wood in your selection of paint and color and leave to dry night long.


  1. Use a wire nail and hammer, or drill/driver and 2mm HSS bit to place a hole at the highest of every will, in order that you’ll screw the cans onto the block of wood. If you’re not mistreatment pine, you will get to drill a pilot hole into the board to form securing the cans easier.


  1. Attach a chunk of leather strap to the highest of the block employing a screw and ornamental screw cup – shown right. Use synthetic resin to connect an animal skin strap onto the front of every will as a reputation tag.
  2. Window decor with old CDs

Do you continue to keep your previous CDs?  Then this is often your likelihood to use them within the best method doable. create yourself a beautiful curtain for your windows. If you have got them in several colors, they’re going to look even higher. cross-check this project below and obtain prepared for your own project.

  1. DIY Macramé Plant Hanger

Macramé could be a fun crafting technique that has created a significant comeback with the younger generation. As a result of it’s solely a series of knots in its most basic form, it’s an extremely accessible project for pretty much anyone, particularly adolescents and young adults. This DIY macramé plant hanger is one among that imaginary being DIY comes – one thing that may charm to all or any ages, solely uses a couple of materials and crafters at any talent level will simply create. Score! Currently, we tend to provide you with the tutorial to form this plant holder for any of your botanicals.


Tools & Materials


Cotton Rope

2″ Wood Ring



Making Method

Gather the tools and materials listed higher than.

Cut three 54″ pieces of rope.

Fold in 0.5 and tie onto the wood ring by making a loop and propulsion through (this is named a Larkshead knot).

Starting 7″ down from the top ring, tie a 0.5 knot.

Tie a last half knot in the reverse direction.

Pull from either aspect to secure the knot.

Tie 3 knots in total.

Tie another series of knots three inches down from that row.

At 4.5 inches down from that, gather all six ropes and tie an oversized knot.

Trim the rope at the lowest of the planter.


  1. Summer-themed living room

Whether you’ve got a tiny low or a large front room, this summer-inspired theme can absolutely match your room. Simply by ever-changing the theme, you’ll really save tons of cash that you simply might need to be spent in transforming your home style. Update your front room walls with some grey or white shade. A neutral shade creates a perfect background for an ideal summer themed ornament. Use some neutral colored article of furniture with some daring accent pillow. Add some daring shades to the wall by selecting any of these coastal themed wall art or abstract painting of your alternative. Old window gallery wall is additionally an ideal choice for your summer decoration. Produce a centerpiece with a galvanized bucket stuffed with contemporary or fine art. This distinction combination makes a strikingly gorgeous home ornament. Place these buckets on your cocktail table or any corner of your alternative.

Finally, while decorating your home this summer, make sure to use a range of themes for every area. An area with neutral walls and piece of furniture can complement these summer decoration themed fabulous.  Making an informal atmosphere in your space of living or a coastal setting in your breakfast area is simple with this theme. Don’t forget to use organic treasures as a vicinity of your decoration. Selecting these concepts for space or area with various natural light is much counseled and your summer-inspired interiors cannot be finished without natural interior decoration.

Happy Summers with Best home decor Bangalore 🙂


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